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Foot Over Bridge

Introduction of F.O.B.

  • A F.O.B. is a designed for pedestrians. F.O.B. can be used decoratively to visually link two distinct areas or to signal a transaction. Footbridges are often situated to allow pedestrians to cross water. They are also located across roads to let pedestrians cross safely without slowing down the traffic.
  • Footbridges are small, but important, because they are usually presented in townscape. The appearance of footbridges, and indeed of any other bridges, in a town, is a major concern for designers.
  • Footbridges can also be built in the same ways as road and rail bridges. Most footbridges are equipped with guard rails to reduce the risk of pedestrians falling.

Why F.O.B. needed??

  • The increasing pedestrian traffic on road crossings, junctions and inaccessible road terminals in the cities of our country. Unlike subways, steel pedestrian bridges are less economical, easy and fast to construct. The need of the study is to determine the combined strength and efficiency of the steel truss F.O.B.

Objectives of F.O.B.

  • Simulating steel truss bridge design using Stadd Pro.
  • Design locally available steel truss bridge.
  • Model 3D of steel truss using software like Tekla Structure.
  • To design economical, safe and simple, to assemble steel truss bridge for pedestrian crossing purpose.
  • Drawing like plan, elevation, section using AutoCAD.
  • Design locally available steel truss bridge.


  • The methodology of this design project commences with the drafting of the plan for the steel truss foot over bridge. Instead of normal roofing design, the structure has been designed in GI sheets. Steel roofing has been provided with larger space equal distance. The roofing is nothing but galvanised iron steel provided with larger space. The design loads are applied loads are applied and analysis of the superstructure is done using Staad Pro software.

Site Selection for F.O.B.

  • The pedestrian bridge should be constructed in such a way that it can be extended to longer length in future either straight or perpendicular to 32.2m span bridge.
  • The site should be chosen in such a way that the pedestrian bridges to be constructed in the site would facilitate the pedestrian to have easy access to the routes so that they can move to their destinations places with comfort.
  • The safe bearing capacity of soil in the site should be checked accordingly, for the bridge to be constructed in the locality.

Advantages of Foot Over Bridges

  • Less cost
  • Resistance to dynamic loads
  • Flexibility in design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple to assemble
  • Safe


The section with the overview of the entire project report. The lattice steel truss is analysed by Staad Pro and the result is obtained. The load considered for the structure are the dead load, live load, wind load. The design of HSFG bolted and weld connections are described. The design of lattice steel truss, and roofing are designed based on the provisions according to code book IS 800:2007, steel table. Based on the analysis and design made so far, the study has proved that, construction of steel bridge with locally available steel profiles is an option worth.

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