Foundation Engineering Important Questions??

Question no. (1)- The vane shear test is used for the in-situ determination of the undrained strength of the intact fully saturated..

(A) Sands

(B) Clays

(C) Gravels

(D) Highly organic soils

Question no. (2)- The specific gravity of quartz, is ..

(A) 2.65

(B) 2.72

(C) 2.85

(D) 2.90

Question no. (3)- If the cohesive force, (c), is 1.5 t/m2, the density ) of the soil is 2.0 t/m3, factor of safety (F) is 1.5 and stability factor (Sn) is 0.05, the safe height of the §lope, is..

(A) 5 m

(B) 8m

(C) 10 m

(D) 12 m

Question no.(4)- Flow net is used for the determination of..

(A) Quantity of seepage

(B) Hydrostatic pressure

(C) Seepage pressure

(D) Exit gradient

(E) All of the above

Question no. (5)- If the back fill is having a uniform surcharge of intensity q per unit area, the lateral pressure will be..

(A) q times the lateral pressure within the surface

(B) 1/q times the lateral pressure within the surface

(C) Equal to a fill of height Z equal to q/r, where r is the density of the backfill.

(D) None of these

Question no. (6)- Through a point in a loaded soil, the principal stress is maximum on..

(A) Minor principle plane

(B) Intermediate principle plane

(C) Major principle plane

(D) None of these

Question no. (7)- Maximum size of clay particles, is..

(A) 0.002mm

(B) 0.04mm

(C) 0.06mm

(D) 0.08mm

(E) 1.00mm

Question no. (8)- The capillary rise of water..

(A) Depends upon the force responsible

(B) Increases as the size of the soil particles increases

(C) Decreases as the size of the soil particles decreases

(D) Is less in wet soil than in dry soil

Question no. (9)- If dry density, water density and specific gravity of solids of a given soil sample are 1.6 g/cc, 1.84 g/cc and 2.56 respectively, the porosity of the soil sample, is..

(A) 0.375

(B) 0.370

(C) 0.380

(D) 0.390

Question no. (10)- A soil sample has passing 0.075 mm sieve = 60% liquid limit = 65% and plastic limit = 40%. The group index of the soil, is..

(A) 5

(B) 20

(C) 40

(C) none of these


  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. E
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. A
  9. A
  10. D

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