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Solve these questions???

Question No (1): The Prandtl mixing length for turbulent flow through pipes is

A. Independent of shear stress

B. A universal constant

C. Zero at the pipe wall

D. Independent of radial distance from pipe axis

Question No (2): Lysimeter and Tensiometer are used to measure respectively, one of the following groups of quantities

A. Capillary Potential and permeability

B. Evapotranspiration and capillary potential

C. Velocity in channels and vapors pressure

D. Velocity in pipes and pressure head

Question No (3): the ruling minimum radius of horizontal curve of a national highway in plain terrain for ruling design speed of 100km/hour with e=0.07 and f=0.15 is close to

A. 250m

B. 360m

C. 36m

D. 300m

Question No (4): Principle involved in the relationship between submerged unit weight and saturated weight of a soil is based on

A. Equilibrium of floating bodies

B. Archimedes principle

C. Stoke’s law

D. Darcy’s law

Question No (5): The kinetic energy correction factor for a full developed laminar flow through a circular pipe is

A. 1.00

B. 1.33

C. 2.00

D. 1.50

Question No (6): The modulus of sub grade reaction is obtained from the plate bearing test in the form of load-deformation curve. The pressure corresponding to the following settlement value should be used for computing modulus of sub grade reaction.

A. 0.375 cm

B. 0.175 cm

C. 0.125 cm

D. 0.250 cm

Question No (7): Consolidation in soils

A. Is a function of the effective stress.

B. Does not depend on the present stress.

C. Is a function of the pore water pressure.

D. Is a function of the total stress.

Question No (8): In an iceberg, 15% of the volume projects above the sea surface. If the specific weight of sea water is 10.5 KN/m3, the specific weight of iceberg is

A. 12.52

B. 9.81

C. 8.93

D. 7.83

Question No (9): A steady discharge of 1 cumec flows uniformly in a rectangular channel 1m wide at a depth of 250mm. The slope of the channel bed is

A. Adverse

B. Steep

C. Critical

D. Mild

Question No (10): In reinforcement concrete, pedestal is defined as compression member, whose effective does not exceed its least dimension by

A. 12 times

B. 3 times

C. 16 times

D. 8 times

Answer are below:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. C
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B

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