Surveying Important Question???

Question no. (1)- The curve composed of two arcs of different radii having their centres on the opposite side of the curve, is known..

(A) a simple curve

(B) a compound curve

(C) a reverse curve

(D) a vertical curve

Question no. (2)- The ratio of the angles subtended at the eye, by the virtual image and the object, is known as telescope’s..

(A) Resolving Power

(B) Brightness

(C) Field of View

(D) Magnification

Question no. (3)- The bubble tube is nearly filled with..

(A) alcohol or chloroform

(B) a liquid which is very mobile

(C) a liquid having low freezing point

(D) all of the above

Question no. (4)- In a constant level tube, size of the bubble remains constant because upper wall is..

(A) of relatively larger radius

(B) of relatively smaller radius

(C) flat

(D) convex downwards

Question no. (5)- Prismatic compass is considered more accurate than a surveyor’s compass, because..

(A) it is provided with a better magnetic needle

(B) it is provided with a sliding glass in the object vane

(C)  its graduations are in whole circle bearings

(D) It is provided with a prism to facilitate reading of its graduated circle

Question no. (6)- In reciprocal leveling, the error which is not completely eliminate, is due to

(A) earth’s curvature

(B) non-adjustment of line of collimation

(C) Refraction

(D) Non-adjustment of the bubble tube

Question no. (7)- In tacheometrical observations, vertical staff holding is generally preferred to normal staffing, due to..

(A) ease of reduction of observations

(B) facility of holding

(C) minimum effect of careless holding on the result

(D) None of these

Question no. (8)- Removal of parallax, may be achieved by focussing..

(A) the objective

(B) the eye-piece

(C) the objective and the eye-piece

(D) none of these

Question no. (9)- Pick up the correct statement from the following..

(A) a level surface is perpendicular at all points to the direction of gravity

(B) a level line lies in level surface

(C) a horizontal surface is normal to the direction of gravity at only one point

(D) a horizontal line is tangential to the level surface

(E) all of the above

Question no. (10)- The direction of steepest slope on a contour, is

(A) along the contour

(B) at an angle of 450 to the contour

(C) at right angles to the contour

(D) None of these

Question no. (11)- Back bearing of a line is equal to..

(A)  Fore bearing 900

(B) Fore bearing 1800

(C) Fore bearing 3600

(D) Fore bearing 2700

Question no. (12)- In an internal focusing telescope..

(A) the objective is at a fixed distance from the diaphragm

(B) the focusing is done by the sliding of a divergent lens

(C) the focusing divergent lens is situated at about the middle of the tube

(D) all of the above

Question no. (13)- The longitudinal section of the surface of bubble tube is..

(A) straight

(B) circular

(C) parabolic

(D) elliptic

Question no. (14)- Imaginary line passing through points having equal magnetic declination is termed as..

(A) isogon

(B) agonic line

(C) Isoclinic line

(D) none of these

Question no. (15)- A thedolite is said to be in perfect adjustment if..

(A)  rotation axis is vertical to the transit axis

(B) transit axis is perpendicular to line of collimation

(C) line of collimation sweeps out a vertical plane while the telescope is elevated or depressed

(D) all of the above

Question no. (16)- While rotating the theodolite in the horizontal plane, the bubble of the bubble tube takes up the same position in its tube, it indicates..

(A) the rotation axis is vertical

(B) the trummion axis is horizontal

(C) the line of collimation is perpendicular to vertical axis

(D) none of the above

Question no. (17)- The main plate of a transit is divided into 1080 equal divisions. 60 divisions of the vernier coincide exactly with 59 divisions of the main plate. The transit can read angles accurate upto..

(A) 5”

(B) 10”

(C) 15”

(D) 20”

(E) 30”

Question no. (18)- Pick up the correct statement from the following..

(A) the lines of sight while observing back sight and fore sight lie in the same horizontal plane

(B) the staff readings are measurements made vertically downwards from a horizontal plane

(C) the horizontal plane with reference to which staff readings are taken, coincides with the level surface through the telescope axis

(D) all of the above

Question no. (19)- While measuring a chain line between two stations A and B intervened by a raised ground..

(A) vision gets obstructed

(B) chaining gets obstructed

(C) both vision and chaining get onstructed

(D) all of the above

Question no. (20)- The random errors tend to accumulate proportionally to..

(A) numbers of operations involved

(B) reciprocal of operations involved

(C) square root of the number of operation involved

(D) cube root of the number of operation involved


  1. C
  2. D
  3. D
  4. A
  5. D
  6. C
  7. C
  8. C
  9. E
  10.  C
  11.  B
  12.  D
  13.  B
  14.  A
  15.  D
  16.  A
  17.  D
  18.  D
  19.  A
  20.  C

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