Water Proofing


It is essential to water proof a structure to prevent the seepage of water for its durability. We provide water Proofing solutions for basement, sunken portions, roofs, terrace gardens and expansion joints etc. We deal with several ways of water proofing depending on a structure, site and conditions viz:

  • Polymer Modified cementations Membranes
  • Polyurethane Membranes
  • Box Type Method using Kota/Agra Stone
  • Injection Grouting
  • App modified bituminous membranes/ Trafelt
  • EPD Membrane
  • PVC Membrane


Polymer Modified Cementitious Membrane

Line of cementations coatings are designed to protect reinforced concrete structures in two ways- for protection against chemical attack and as a structural waterproofing. A membrane which is highly flexible, polymer-modified cement membrane, which can be easily applied by brushing or with spray equipment for larger applications is used. The product is used for waterproofing of potable water or wastewater treatment facilities in new construction or restoration projects. This method is generally very effective in water treatment plants, bridges, dams, railway & subway systems, Marine cargo ports & docks, river locks/channels & concrete dykes, parking structures & lots, tunnels etc.


Polyurethane Membranes

These are high performance, versatile membranes which are acrylic based providing excellent flexibility, high durability and very good finish. Initially a dry and clean surface is prepared for its application and then the membrane is spread over the area.


Injection Grouting

Cracks as narrow as 1mm can be bonded by the injection of epoxy using this technique. The technique generally consists of establishing entry and venting ports at close intervals along the crack, sealing the cracks on exposed surface and injecting the epoxy under pressure. This technique is successfully used in repair of cracks in buildings, bridges, dams and other types of concrete structures.


APP Modified Membrane

This technique is used to cover the joints by fixing APP membranes. APP membranes provide superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility- even in the coldest environments. Additionally, with APP membranes. 2 layers of 2 different APP membranes are fixed with the insertion of a backer rod and then the whole work is veneered by covering it by brick work and plaster. The APP membranes are fixed using gas burners.


EPD Membranes

EPD membranes is a 100% cured single-ply roofing membrane made of a Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer offering. This is a rubber membrane sheet which can be easily spread over the area. It provides very high flexibility and durability.


PVC Membrane

This membrane is fiberglass reinforced, offering exceptional dimensional stability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. By fully encapsulating the fiberglass reinforcement, there is no risk of delaminating or water wicking. This is a stable, flexible membrane providing high mechanical strength.


Box Type Method

This is a special technique where Kota/Agra stone can be used to water proof the system. This provide high mechanical strength but its durability comparing to other methods is lesser.



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