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Water Supply Engineering Questions???

Question: Surge tanks are used……..
A. for storage water
B. to increase the velocity in a pipeline
C. as overflow valves
D. to guard against water hammer.



Question: As per IS: 1172-1963, water required per head per day for average domestic purposes, is…..
A. 50 litres
B. 65 litres
C. 85 litres
D. 105 litres
E. 135 litres.



Question: In slow sland filters, the turbidity of raw water can be removed only up to…..
A. 60 mg/litre
B. 75 mg/litre
C. 100 gm/litre
D. 150 mg/litre.



Question: Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) of safe drinking water must be…..
A. nil
B. 5
C. 10
D. 15
E. 20



Question: Acidity in water is caused due to…….
A. Mineral acids
B. Free CO2
C. Iron sulphate
D. Aluminium sulphate
E. All the above.




Question: The transitional middle portion of a logistic curve follows…..
A. a geometric growth
B. a logarithmic growth
C. a first over curve
D. a constant rate.




Question: Pick up the correct statement from the following…..
A. Excess quantities of iron and manganese in water, cause discolouration of clothes
B. Lead and barium salts have toxic effect
C. Arsenic and selenium are poisonous to human health
D. Higher copper content affects the lungs
E. All the above.




Question: Pick up the incorrect statement from the following regarding fire hydrants…..
A. Fire hydrants are fitted in water mains at 100 m to 150 m apart at fire
B. The minimum water pressure hydrants, is kept 1.5 kg/cm2
C. The water at pressure 1 to 1.5 kg/cm2 is made available for 4 to 5 hours for constant use
D. None of these.




Question: The specific retention is least in case of…..
A. Clay
B. Sand
C. Silt
D. Coarse gravel.




Question: B.O.D. of treated water should be……
A. 10 ppm
B. 25 ppm
C. 20 ppm
D. 30 ppm
E. Nil.


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