Civil Engineering Interview Questions….

Question: How do you measure concrete?
Answer: Cubic feet, Cubic yards, Cubic Meter

Question: Which is stronger solid steel rod or hollow steel pipe?
Answer: On a per pound basis, steel pipe is stronger in bending and is less likely to buckle in axial compression.

Question: What is the tallest man made structure in the world?
Answer: The tallest man made structure is the KVLY-TV mast which is 2063 feet tall. The world’s tallest man made structure is Burj Dubai which is 800 meter tall.

Question: What is braced excavation all about?
Answer: Excavations are braced to prevent the cave-in of surrounding unstable soil.

Question: What is aggregate?
Answer: Aggregate is the component of a composite material used to resist compressive stress.

Question: What year was the keystone power plant in Indiana County constructed?
Answer: 1967 began commercial operation on unit 1.

Question: What is the force exerted by the Tacoma narrows bridge?
Answer: The force exerted to the Tacoma narrows bridge was initially the wind resistance. The wind resistance caused the whole bridge to act as a system with forced vibration with damping.

Question: What are the main reasons of building collapse?
Answer: There are several reasons for building collapse. Passage of time is the main reason. Also, weak foundations, natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., are the major reasons for building collapse. Bombing and destruction is also another major reason.

Question: State the applications of modulus of elasticity.
Answer: Modulus of elasticity is related to the flexibility of the material. The value of modulus of elasticity is pretty important in case of deflection of different materials used in building construction.

Question: How are the freeway bridges built?
Answer: The traffic that is likely to go over the bridge at a time is estimated and the cement, rocked with rebar stanchions is placed over the freeway to build a bridge. Off-ramp from freeway to the bridge and on-ramp from the bridge to the freeway are constructed. Cement slabs are used to build a platform.

Question: Difference between routine maintenance and major maintenance for school facilities:
Answer: Routine maintenance is handling the minor repairs of the school campus. Major maintenance can be total reconstruction or renovation of the school.

Question: What is soil analysis?
Answer: Soil analysis is the testing of soil to determine the nutritional and elemental composition of soil. It is generally tested for knowing the contents of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

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