Design Procedure for a Water Tank……….

Step One:

Determine the design constants such as σcbc, σct, m, σst


σcbc = permissible compressive stress in concrete

σct = permissible tensile stress in concrete

m = modular ratio

σst = permissible compressive stress in steel


Step two:


  1. Dimensions of the tank
  2. Volume of the tank
  3. Area of the tank (by assuming its depth)


Step three:


  • Hoop tension, Ht=d x h x D/2
  • Area of Steel, Ast= d x h x D/2 σst


Step four:

Thickness of the wall of water tank

Ht= [1000t + (m – 1) Ast] x σct


Step five:

Reduction in hoop steel. The steel calculated in step 3 is for 1m height from the bottom of the water tank. The pressure of water decreases at the top. Hence, steel can be reduced by keeping the same thickness of wall.

Step six:

Distribution steel (vertically placed)

Ast= 0.3% of Ag


Step seven:

Floor of the tank

Provide 0.3% of Ag both ways

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