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Adobe In Design is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems . It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and eBooks’. In Design can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Graphic designers and production artists are the principal users, creating and laying out periodical publications, posters, and print media. It also supports export to  EPUB and SWF formats to create e-books and digital publications, including digital magazines, and content suitable for consumption on tablet computers . In addition, In Design supports XML , style sheets, and other coding markup, making it suitable for exporting tagged text content for use in other digital and online formats.


InDesign is used to create flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, posters, business cards, postcards, stickers, comics, and many other types of documents or visual communication.

InDesign is an industry-standard for publishing design and is used by graphics and marketing professionals. It may be used in conjunction with other applications that are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud including Illustrator and Photoshop, or it can be used on its own. Images and illustrations are usually not created within InDesign, rather layouts using text, images, and drawings that often are built in other programs are assembled into a layout using InDesign.

Course Content
Creating a New Document
Exploring the In-Design Application Folder
Exploring the Document Window
Using Tools
Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents
Working with Pages and Layers
Creating Layout Standards
Defining Colors, Tints, Gradients
Adding Frames, Shapes, and Lines
Manipulating Objects
Transforming objects
Applying Effects to Objects
Orchestrating Objects
Importing Text Files
Creating Special Text Formatting
Setting up Styles
Using Special Characters
Setting Up Tabs and Tables
Working with Footnotes, Indexes, and TOCs
Creating Multi document Projects
Importing Graphics
Fitting Graphics and Frames Together
Preparing for Color Prepress
Printing Documents
Creating Prepress Files
Creating Web, Interactive PDF, and Flash Documents


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