What is Primavera?

Primavera P6 Professional Projects Management is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for planning, managing, and executing projects and programs. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management gives today’s project managers and schedulers what they value most: control. Primavera P6 Professional Projects Management, the recognized standard for high-performance project management software, is designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated, and multifaceted projects. Massive data requires sophisticated yet highly flexible organization tools that give users a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources.

 Uses of Primavera:

  • Plan, schedule, and control projects
  • Assign resources to tasks, and track progress
  • Monitor and visualize project performance versus plan
  • Conduct what-if analysis, and analyze alternatives
  • Allows schedule updates from multiple users at the same time
  • Produce schedule and resource reports and graphics.

 Scope of Primavera in Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineers with knowledge in Primavera leads to the field of planning Engineering and become planning Engineers/Planners/Schedulers/Control Engineers. It also leads to specialization called Planning forensics ( Normally in Consultancy firms)- where an engineer or scheduler will have to conduct delay analysis in times of disputes between client and contractor.

Note-While preparing construction program-you will have to coordinate with Construction Execution Team including Projects Manager and calculate Resources for each activity based on Quantity and Productivity Norms.

Having knowledge in Primavera will fetch you hand some pay if you are well versed/have full knowledge in Primavera an implement those on practical field.

Course Content:-


AutoCAD 2D:-
 1) Introduction to Primavera P6  19) Resources Curve
 2) Introduction to Enterprise Project Structure  20) Different Types of Views
 3) Types of Creating Enterprise Project Structure  21) Activity Network
 4) Creating Organizational Breakdown Structure  22) Admin Preferences
 5) Linking O.B.S to E.P.S  23) User Preferences
 6) Creating a New Project  24) Grouping, Sorting & Filtering
 7) Introduction to Calendar  25) Bars
 8) Creating a New Calendar (Global, Project, Resource)  26) Timescale
 9) Introduction to Work Breakdown Structure  27) Scheduling
 10) Creating W.B.S  28) Updating
11) Creating new Activity  29) Leveling
 12) Activity ID, Description  30) Codes (Activity, Project, Resources)
 13) Activity Relationship Types  31) Working With Layouts
 14) Linking Relationship Between Activities  32) Working With Columns
 15) Currency (Create & Assign)  33) Managing Baseline
 16) Resources (Create & Assign)  34) Float
 17) Roles (Create & Assign)  35) Reports
 18) Creating New Units for Measurement  36) Import & Export

37) Printing


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