Aluminium (Aluminum) has properties which makes it suitable as a building / construction material. Nowadays in advanced countries, aluminum became the important construction material for buildings especially for industrial buildings along with brick, cement and steel.

The aluminum is one of the abundantly available non-ferrous metals on the surface of earth. But it is not available in direct form, generally it is extracted from bauxite. Aluminum also available in the form of oxides, sulphates, silicates and phosphates etc..

Properties of Aluminum as Building Material

Following are the properties of aluminum which makes aluminum as one of the important building materials.

  1. Air tightness
  2. High strength to weight ratio
  3. Ease in fabrication and assembly
  4. Cryogenics
  5. Low Handling and transportation cost
  6. High reflectivity
  7. Corrosion resistance
  8. Appearance
  9. High Scrap value
  10. Sound proof
  11. Maintenance

Air Tightness:

Doors and windows or its frames made form aluminum are perfectly air tight which cannot permit dust or air or water when they are closed. Now a days for fully air conditioned buildings like seminar rooms, theaters etc. aluminum doors and windows are using.

Strength to Weight Ratio:

Aluminum as a construction material has a property of very high value of strength to weight ratio. It represents that small amount of aluminum can give more strength to structure. Because of less weight we can construct the structure in less time and load transferring to foundation also reduces.

Ease in Fabrication and Assembly

Compared to other metals aluminum alloys can be cast, forged, extruded, rolled or welded easily. During or after composition of aluminum alloy it cannot break because it is not having brittle nature. The assembly of aluminum structures can be easily dismantled or transported or assembled.


Study of phenomena occur at very low temperature is called cryogenics. At very low temperature steel becomes brittle and lost its strength. But in the case of aluminum, it is highly suitable for sub-zero temperatures. So, for snow bound areas aluminum structures are highly preferable.

Low Handling and Transportation Cost

Handling of aluminum is very easy because of its less weight. So, we can transport it easily in large quantity to any place with low transportation cost.


Reflectivity of aluminum is also very high. Aluminum does not absorb radiant heat and low absorption heat. So, during summer it maintains the interior cooler and during winter maintains warmer conditions.

Corrosion Resistance:

Corrosion resistance of aluminum is very high. It doesn’t effected by weathering conditions. They can withstand against humid or hot dry conditions very well. Because of its good corrosion resistance, aluminum corrugated sheets are widely used for power plants, chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum refineries etc.


Aluminum also gives beauty to the structure. Smooth and bright finishing is possible for aluminum structures. We can also provide various shades of colors on the aluminum sheets to enhance decorative style.

High Scrap Value

Scrap value of aluminum is very high. So, it cannot be damaged easily and highly durable. Because of high scrap value, we can resale it for good value.

Sound Proof:

Aluminum sheets acts as sound proof materials. They are excellent reflectors of sound waves as well as electromagnetic waves. So, they do not allow external noise into the building and also interior sounds to outside.

Low Maintenance Cost

As said above, aluminum have high corrosive resistance and good properties against low temperature so, maintenance of aluminum is negligible. Even though it is expensive to buy, it will with stand for 25-30 years without any maintenance.




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