Roof Repairs Guidelines for Repairs of Roof

Roof Repairs

Guidelines for roof repairs for leakages and damages along with methods and types of roof repairs and factors affecting cost of repairs is discussed here.

Few Reasons due to which Roof Repairing becomes necessary

1)  Roof repairs due to leakages

The first and foremost reason is leakages which are caused due to joints in the roof. If it is a sloping roof than chances are there at the joints and junctions.

One of the reason why roof tiles break is simple wear and tear. In addition to wear and tear, harsh weather conditions may cause tiles to fall apart. If it is a flat roof, chances of leakages are due to poor workmanship or due to cold joints in the concrete.

2)  Roof repairs due damages

If the roofs are made up of Asbestos Cement Sheet of other Polycarbonate materials than chances of leakages are due to joints getting loosen due to wind. Also sometimes the connecting screws get loosen up making up the holes bigger creating leakages.

Another reason is that if the damaged roof tiles are not taken care of, water can seep into a roof and eventually, any water that has accumulated underneath roof tiles will seep into beams, through ceilings, and into a home. A vast amount of damage can be caused by tiles that are broken, loose, missing, or water-logged.

If water is allowed to penetrate roof tiles for a long period of time, a home’s structure may get damaged. In order to avoid any unnecessary water damage, roof tiles must be maintained regularly. Also, any tiles that are damaged must be replaced quickly.

Factors affecting the Cost of Roof Repairs

Following are few factors which affects the cost of Roof Repairs:

  • Area of the repair – lesser the area cost may increase.
  • Material to be used as roofing material (i.e., tile or metal roof repairs may be costlier than asphalt shingle repairs)
  • Additional expenses (if applicable): underlayment, sheathing, gutters, insulation, interior structural or ceiling damage
  • Site location and working conditions

Deciding between Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

At major instances the repairing of the roof seems to be the better option. This option is better because of lesser cost application. But sometimes even after repairing, there arises a need of replacement of roof which costs more. It is better option of roof replacement if there is heavy damage.

Another consideration to be taken care of is the age of the roof. If it is more than 20 to 25 years old, than better to select the option of roof replacement rather than repair. Under such circumstances, it is better to take advises of more than one professional agencies before taking a decision of roof repair or replacement.

Methods of Flat Roof Repairs

Rubber Roofing Repair

Rubbing roofing includes products like EPDM, modified bitumen and other roofing products available as thin, rubber-like material. For minor leaks and holes, the roofer will typically use a primer and adhesive patch to seal the damaged area.

Alternatively, the roofer may use a specially-designed glue to repair small holes or cracks. Larger repairs often require replacing an entire section of rubber roofing and resealing the seams.

Built-up Roofing Repair

Applying a metal mesh patch along with additional layers of asphalt material can help to solve most leaks and cracking problems. The roofer may also apply a water and UV-resistant coating to further protect the roof from future damage.

Kindly note that flat roof repairs are temporary in nature. It may extend the life of the roof for few more years but if your flat roof has started to fail, be ready to completely replace it as soon as you can afford to do so.

Tile Roof Repair

In order to avoid replacing an entire roof, tiles must be repaired quickly. As soon as you notice that a tile has warped, cracked, fallen, or become chipped, call a contractor.

If you’ve noticed that a tile has fallen or become warped, it may be possible to repair these tiles without replacing an entire roof. Otherwise, water will begin to seep underneath any damaged roof tiles, and that may result in the need to replace the entire roof in coming years.

If you see any signs of water damage inside of your home, your tile roof may be beyond repair. By the time water has penetrated your home’s structure, it may be too late to simply repair the damaged tiles.

Cost of a Residential Flat Roof Repair

The cost of repairing a flat roof is generally affordable but really depends upon the extent of the damage, the location of the project and availability of repairing agencies.

If you may think to compromise with a small repair yourself than it is a good way to save money, but it is not beneficial in a long way. Professional repair agencies will have typical type of workmanship warranty and/or leak-free guarantee on flat roofing repairs, so you can be sure the leak is fixed properly.

Major residential flat roof repairs can cost heavily but lesser than the cost of replacing the roof. Few precautions to avoid major roof damage are to clean the roof of loose leaves, tree limbs and standing water on a regular basis. It’s also very important to get the leakage repaired as soon as you notice them. It can help to avoid further damage to the roof.



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