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Q.1) Hello, how are you today ?

Example- “I am very well today sir, thank you”.

Q.2) Tell me about yourself.
Example- Good morning / afternoon Sir/Mam,

First of all thank you for giving me this great opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is —— (your name)

I basically belongs to—– (City/Village Name)

At present I am pursuing final year B.E/B.Tech Civil at —–(college name) in—- (college place).

Apart from studies, I am a quick learner and sincere person.

I am self motivated and flexible to adopt conditions.

I am always keep to learn new things whenever I get a chance.

Come to my family: we are five members in my family including me; mother, father and 2 sibling’s.

My hobbies are playing games, reading and singing.

My short term goal is I want to get a job in reputed company like yours.

My long term goal is I want to become a respectable position and part of success of that company.

Thank you.

Q.3) Why should we hire you?

Example – Sir , As you know I am a fresher I don’t have any experience but I am good at my theoretical knowledge and I am willing to work with you in any kind of situation because I am searching for a platform where I can prove myself by utilizing my knowledge, skills that are useful for development of the organization .

This is an opportunity to start a career that I definitely don’t want to lose so I will give my cent percent to give my best.

Q.4) What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

Example- I am going to give my best in the interview to impress the panel, this is confidence. The interviewer is definitely going to hire me, that’s over-confidence.

Q.5) Why do you want to work at our company?

Example- Sir, I want to work at our company because,it will help me to explore my skills and prove my ability and also gain experience. I think it will be a good platform to prove myself.

Q.6) What are your goals?

Example- My short term goal is I want to get a job in reputed company like yours.

My long term goal is I want to became a respectable position and part of success of that company.

Q.7) How long would you expect to work for us if you hired?

Example- Sir , As a young graduate it has been my dream to be a part of a good organization like yours , So if I am selected, it will be my pleasure and I assure that I give my level best. And I you recognize my work and potential, I will be there with you always as long as you want to stay in this company.

Q.8) Describe your ideal company, location and job?

Example- Sir, An ideal company is one where I can utilize my skills and abilities and can gain more knowledge. An ideal job is one which gives satisfaction to me. Location does not matter. I can work at any place as I can adapt to new environment.

Q.9) How has your education prepared you for your career?

Example -“My education has focused on not only the learning the fundamentals, but also on the practical application of the information learned within those classes. For example, I played a lead role in a class project where we gathered and analyzed best practice data from various industries from my educational knowledge.”

Q.10) What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have ?

Example-“The key quality in a successful manager should be leadership—the ability to be the visionary for the people who are working under them. The person who can set the course and direction for subordinates, keeping them focused on what is most important for delivering the highest priority results. The highest calling of a true leader is inspiring others to reach the highest of their abilities.”

Q.11) How will you define Success ?

Example- “I define success as delivering more than that is expected from me.”

Q.12) What do you think it takes to be successful in this career?

Example- “To be successful, it requires the person to be dedicated to the profession in terms of both professional development and delivery of excellent results”.

Q.13) What motivates you ?

Example-“I’m motivated by several things in my work. Doing meaningful work, recognition and having the tools to be successful are the most important motivators for me.”


“The type of work I will be doing is the most important motivator for me. I want to be doing meaningful work that makes a difference for our company and our customers”

Q.14) Where do you want to be ten years from now ?

Example- “My first and primary goal is to become fully productive in my role. I would like to expand that further to reach a more senior level over time as I develop additional experience and expertise. At some point in my career I realize there may be an opportunity to either follow the individual contributor or management path. I want to develop myself to be ready for either role, should the opportunity arise”.

Q.15) How do you plan to achieve your career goals?

Example – “My academic experience has provided me with an excellent foundation for my career and I will be graduating in the top 10% of my class. The internship I had last summer has given me some excellent experience in the field which has further broadened out my foundation. I look forward to working full-time as a _____ and gaining more practical work experience. So my near term focus will be to develop my skills in my role so that I will be ready if and when future opportunities for internal advancement come about.”

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