Cracking on Floor


  • Drying Shrinkage.
  • Step Placement of Concrete from well barrow.
  • The fast evaporation process.

How to overcome

  • The dump placed correctly into the face of concrete.
  • The time to place concrete must suitable.


Cracking on Beam


  • Corruption of reinforcement.
  • Quality of concrete is less.
  • Standard form of cover concrete is not followed.

How to Overcome

  • Use quality concrete.
  • Use water free from from other particles.
  • The contractor has to be honestly.


Cracking on the Column


  • Silt of plastic.

How to overcome

  • Perfect vibration.
  • Perfect Curing.


Cracking on Wall


  • Joint ineffective.
  • Curing process is not sufficient.

How to overcome

  • Plaster back on the surface.
  • Make the process of curing on time.


Factor on concrete damage

  • Design errors.
  • Construction errors.
  • The problem of quality of construction materials.
  • Geotechnical problems.
  • Problems that cannot be predicted.


Design errors

  • Errors can occur when making the assumption the total cost, followed by carelessness when making detailed.
  • The design process using the standard code can produce work that is not well satisfied.
  • The designer must balance between the theoretical and practical design.
  • Errors in design will lead to cracks due to excessive stress applied to the structural elements.


Errors during construction

  • Communication between the engineer and contractor should be agree well.
  • Job skills are main factors to the occurrence of any structural damage.


Materials quality problems

  • To produce high quality concrete, the materials used, such as cement and aggregates must be in good condition and meet the set specifications.
  • All contractors working on construction sites should be monitored to ensure good quality work.


Geotechnical Problems

  • Geotechnical problem refers to the basic structure or pile and the soil itself is a problem.
  • Insufficient number of piles during piling or error, or is likely also the loss of soil bearing strength due to the close working.


Problems cannot be predicted

  • Explosion Effect
  • Effects of Accident
  • Earthquake Effects
  • Concrete Deterioration
  • Fire effects



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