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Engineered wooden flooring


Flooring have been used for hundreds of years. Thus, now there are a variety of floorings available in the market for customer use. The different types of flooring available in the market are stone flooring, laminate flooring, wooden flooring as well as tile ones. However, in the recent times, people have started using engineered wooden flooring to a large extent. These flooring are mostly used in the places that face extreme climate changes. These flooring are used in the places which face major temperature fluctuations.


  • The engineered wooden flooring is made out of genuine hardwood. Thus, these floorings have an aesthetic impact on the on-lookers.
  • Therefore, if you are looking to make a good first impression on the visitors, these floorings are available in multiple options such as oak, teak, mahogany, etc. Also, you even choose the type of colour that you want. Hence, there are multiple options in front of you to choose the best type of  flooring.
  • The biggest advantage of these floorings is that they trap and conserve heat inside your house. Therefore, there is no loss of heat even and you can stay warm, even when it’s cold outside. This flooring expands and contracts according to the temperature. These flooring are way easier to clean when compared with other floorings such as carets, rugs, etc.
  • It is a common myth that engineered wooden flooring is expensive than other ones. Ostensibly, it may be true; however, these floorings prove to be way more cost-effective against any sort of general wear and tear caused by daily activities at your house. You can either staple it or glue it. You can even float it on any of your previous floorings.
  • The wooden floorings are also available with underlays. These acoustic underlays help reduce any kind of noise of impact. Noise on impact is caused by the daily activities that you perform such as running, dancing, etc. Also, these floorings are great for your footwalls. The acoustic underlays make sure that you enjoy some silence-at least inside your own house.


  • You can even increase the overall life of your floorings. All you need to do is hire a floor maintenance service or buy some good products. Also, avoid using engineered wooden flooring in places with high engineered wooden flooring in places with high moisture levels such as bathrooms, etc. This is because the wooden floorings are extremely susceptible to moisture.

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