Types of Joints………

End Cap Joint

Comprises a cylindrical gasket-type fitting formed of soft, malleable material. The end cap is connected to the end of an air filter with an adhesive. The end cap has a general “U” shaped end portion that encases one end of the air filter and includes a locking tab. The locking tab is formed on the end cap’s interior lip to assist in holding the end cap in place. Pre-molded air filter end caps are primarily designed for use in safety air filters for heavy motor vehicle applications, specially, off road vehicles such as bulldozers, bob cats & transfer trucks.



Tee joint

Which have long functional life and exhibit efficient performance. Our products are useful to connect pipes of diverse diameters. These easy operational joints are used in different industrial applications for changing the pipe run direction. The precisely engineered Tee Pipe Join is known for their durability and study construction.



Strainer Joint

These are specially designed for piping system. There are different types of strainer joints, which have different designs and sizes. The chief material used for manufacturing these joints are carbon & stainless steel, which give them longer life and high performance. These materials are in accordance to international quality standards.



Reducer Joint

These are catering the needs of different industries across the domestic market. These joints are popular for their non-abrasive nature, anti corrosive property and high durability. These products are easy to install and are made from high quality alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys. These reducer joints are used to prevent fluid leakage and enhance the functionally in an effective manner.



Cast Iron Bent Joint

These are available in various designs and sizes that are used for joining pipes. Another important feature of these joints is that they provide easy passage to tools and shafts for effectual cleaning. Our products are available at reasonable rates according to the industry related prices. These are beneficial in meeting the exact application demand by installation at different angles.



Collar Joints

Which is used in wiper motors and link motion assembly parts. The collars offered by us, are made using high-grade metal that ensures durability and wear & tear resistance.




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