Vacuum Sewerage System……


  • Vacuum sewerage systems is method of disposing of sewage in the sophisticated and reliable way.
  • Alternative way of sewage disposal.
  • Wide applications is future.


Vacuum Sewerage Systems

  • Vacuum sewerage system works due to differential air pressure.
  • Working of vacuum sewerage system.
  1. Based on differential air pressure.
  2. Interface valves works pneumatically.


The Component

  • The main elements of vacuum sewerage system are:
  1. Collection chambers Interface Units.
  2. Vacuum lines/Hydro-pneumatic Transport.
  3. Vacuum Station.


Collection Chambers/Interface Units

  • Function of collection chamber and interface units.
  • Addition of air.
  • Working of interface valve.
  • Interface valves are membrane type.
  • Diameter restricted to prevent clogging.
  • Collection chamber at each house.


Vacuum Lines/Hydro-pneumatic Transport

  • Vacuum sewer line work on the elevation profiles i.e. high or low points.
  • Flow situations cannot be described by hydraulic laws.
  • Conveyance take place by means of two phase regime.
  • Sewers are laid in the form of saw-tooth profile.
  • Gradual flow of sewage by “tooth by tooth” mechanism to the vacuum station.
  • Usually HDPE or PVC pipes used.
  • Inspection pipes at every 100m.


Vacuum Station

  • Wastewater and air is driven to a collection tank at the vacuum station.
  • Vacuum generators maintain vacuum in the tank.
  • Only place where energy required.
  • Vacuum pump maintains negative pressure.
  • Vacuum pumps run only for few hours a day.



  • Low investment costs.
  • Saves material cost.
  • Flexibility of piping.
  • No pumping stations required for lifts.
  • No odours, no corrosion of pipes, no danger.
  • No manholes are required.
  • Sedimentation, infiltration does not take place.
  • Absolutely leakage free.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • No disturbance to inhabitants.


Fields of Application

  • Especially difficult situations such as ribbon, peripheral settlement on flat terrain, with high pipe lengths of longer than 4 meters per inhabitant.
  • Can pass through water protection areas and areas with sensitive high ground water table.
  • Feasible solution in adverse gradient, unfavorable soil, missed ground inclinations.
  • Rural areas where buildings are not close to each other as well as in the congested areas.
  • Only solution for refurbishment of sewer systems.



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