Irrigation Engineering Questions….

Question No 1: A deficit of sediments in flowing water may cause a river..

A: Meandering type

B: Aggrading type

C: Degrading type

D: Sub-critical type

Question No 2: Meandering of a river generally occurs, in…

A: Rocky stage

B: Delta stage

C: Boulder stage

D: Trough stage

Question No 3: The consumptive use of water for a crop…

A: Is measured as the volume of water per unit area

B: Is measured as depth of water on irrigated area

C: May be supplied partly by precipitation and partly by irrigation

D: All of the above

Question No 4: The velocity of drainage water in the barrels of a syphon-adueduct, is normally limited to..

A: 1 to 2m per second

B: 2 to 3m per second

C: 3 to 4m per second

D: 4 to 5m per second

Question No 5: A fall in a canal bed is generally provided, if..

A: Ground slope exceeds the designed bed slope

B: Designed bed slope exceeds the ground slope

C: Ground slope is practically the same as the designed bed slope

D: None of these

Question No 6: According to Khosla, the exist gradient of surface flow..

A: Depends upon the b/d ratio

B: Is independent of the b/d ratio

C: Is independent of the depths of d/s cut off walls

D: None of these

Question No 7: Pick up the correct statement from the following..

A: Gravity water is harmful to crops

B: Hygroscopic water remains attached to soil molecules by chemical bond

C: Capillary moisture held in the soil pores against gravity by surface tension, is utilized by plants

D: All the above

Question No 8: If the irrigation efficiency is 80%, conveyance losses are 20% and the actual depth of watering is 16cm, the depth of water required at the canal outlet, is…

A: 10 cm

B: 15 cm

C: 20 cm

D: 25 cm

E: 30 cm

Question No 9: The useful moisture of soil, is equal to its…

A: Field capacity

B: Saturation capacity

C: Moisture content at permanent wilting point

D: Difference between field capacity and permanent wilting point within the root zone of plants

Question No 10: Canals taken off from ice-fed perennial rivers, are known…

A: Permanent canals

B: Ridge canals

C: Perennial canals

D: Inundation canals

E: Ice canals

Answers Here

  1. C
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5. A
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. D
  10. C

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