Very Important GATE Questions

Question No 1: Flow at critical depth takes place in an open channel When

A: For a given specific energy, discharge is maximum

B: For a given discharge, specific energy is maximum

C: Discharge is minimum for a given specific energy

D: Discharge is maximum for a given specific force

Question No 2: Cavitations is caused by:

A: High velocity

B: Low pressure

C: High pressure

D: High temperature

Question No 3: A test plate 30 cm x 30 cm resting on a sand deposit settles by 10 mm under a certain loading intensity. A footing 150 cm x 200 cm resting on the same sand deposit and loaded to the same load intensity settles by:

A: 2.0 mm

B: 27.8 mm

C: 3.02 mm

D: 50.0 mm

Question No 4: Bituminous materials are commonly use in highway construction because of their good..

A: Tensile and compression properties

B: Binding and water compression properties

C: Shear strength and tensile properties

D: Bond and tensile properties

Question No 5: The following general statement may be about the penetration value and softening point of bitumen:

A: Higher the penetration value, higher is the softening point.

B: Higher the penetration value, lower is the softening point.

C: For very high and very low penetration value the softening point is very low.

D: Absolutely no correlation can be drawn between penetration value and softening point of bitumen.

Question No 6: The soils most susceptible to liquefaction are:

A: Saturated dense sands

B: Saturated fine and medium sands of uniform particle size

C: Saturated clays of uniform size

D: Saturated gravels and cobbles

Question No 7: The maximum allowable compressive stress corresponding to lateral buckling in a discretely laterally supported symmetrical l beam does not depend upon:

A: The radius of gyration about the minor axis

B: The modulus of elasticity

C: The span length of the beam

D: The ratio of overall depth of thickness of the flange

Question No 8: In network of pipes…

A: The algebraic sum of discharges around each circuit is zero

B: The algebraic sum of head drops around each circuit is zero

C: The elevation of hydraulic grade line is assumed for each junction point

D: Elementary circuits are replaced by equivalent pipes

Question No 9: If the shear force at a section of beam under bending is equal to zero then the bending moment at the section is….

A: Zero

B: Maximum

C: Minimum

D: Minimum or maximum

Question No 10: A hyetograph is a graph representing….

A: Rainfall volume with time

B: Rainfall intensity with time

C: Rainfall intensity with duration

D: Rainfall intensity over an area

Answers Here

  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. B
  7. B
  8. B
  9. B
  10. B

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