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Railway Questions ?????????

Question 1:-  Mr. W. Simms, the consulting Engineer to the Government of India recommended the gauge for Indian railways………
A. 1.435 m as adopted in England
B. 1.800 m as per Indian conditions
C. 1.676 m as a compromise gauge
D. 1.000 m as a standard gauge



Question 2:- A CST-9 sleeper consists of…………
A. two inverted triangular pots on either side of rail seat
B. a central plate with a projected key and box on the top of plate
C. a tie bar and 4 cotters to connect two cast iron plates
D. a single two way key provided on the gauge side to hold the rail to sleeper
E. all the above.



Question 3:- Charles Vignoles invented the flat footed rails in………..
A. 1814
B. 1836
C. 1846
D. 1856
E. 1873



Question 4:- To design a cross-over between parallel tracks, the required components are :
A. two switch, points, two acute angle crossings and two check rails
B. two switch points, two acute angle crossings and four check rails
C. two switch points, two acute angle crossings and six check rails
D. none of these.



Question 5:- The weight of the rails depends upon……………
A. gauge of the tracks
B. speed of trains
C. spacing of sleepers
D. nature of traffic
E. all the above.

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